Garo Habano Tasting at Marty’s Cigar & Divan

Wed, Dec 3, 2008


Join Marty’s Cigar Friday, December 5, 6pm for a
premium cigar tasting with Dr. Garo Bouldoukain

He will visit Marty’s with samples of his fine blends that provide enough variety in strength and flavor profiles to satisfy everyone from beginner to seasoned cigar lover.

His story is unique and his love of cigars has taken him to the far reaches of Europe, Asia and Central America.

I respect Garo because he has been loyal to brick-and-mortar cigar retailers, never allowing his cigars to be sold through catalogs, mail order or internet.  He recognizes the benefit of tobacconist to customer face-to-face relationships.

Being acutely aware of his relative position in the world of huge cigar manufacturers and long-established boutique makers, he has priced his cigars well in the modest range for premiums without sacrifice in quality. You will be pleasantly surprised once you smoke a Garo Habano.

Once again, we will have a wine tasting to accompany our cigar sampling. The Wine Tailor (Rancho Cucamonga) is returning to show their winemaking skills.

We had a strong positive response to their offerings at the last show.


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