1st Annual Glendora Wine Walk

Thu, Jan 14, 2010


The City of Glendora is excited to host the 1st Annual Glendora Wine Walk to benefit the Glendora Village Business District and the Bryan Clay Foundation.

Please join us in downtown Glendora on Friday, February 12, 2010 (Valentine’s Day weekend) from 6:00-8:30 pm. Each $35 ticket will include a pass for 15 tasting stations, an event brochure (including a map), and a commemorative wine glass. Everyone buying a ticket will be ID at the registration tables and are subject to random ID checks at each station. Designated drivers will be available at no cost through Jan’s Towing.

PURCHASE Your Wine Walk Ticket Now!
Tickets can be purchased online using a credit card or at participating stores through cash or check. To purchase your Wine Walk Ticket now fill out the information in the bottom left hand corner of the page under the blue “Options” box.

If you want to make an additional donation to the Bryan Clay Foundation please do so at the time you purchase your ticket.

Glendora Village Business District

The Glendora Village Business District is an extremely unique shopping experience. The personal service you receive will be second to none and the quality of merchandise, cuisine or service will make you feel like you are being taken care of by family or friends.

The Glendora Village District will be using its proceeds in part to help pay for community empowerment events and the beautification of the downtown area.

Bryan Clay Foundation
The Bryan Clay Foundation is a national nonprofit corporation established by Glendora’s very own 2008 Olympic Decathlon Gold Medalist- Bryan Clay. The foundation was created to help motivate and empower our youth with the opportunities, desire, and the practical tools necessary to maximize their potential. Its vision is “Building champions, changing lives”.

The foundation will be using its Wine Walk proceeds in part to help benefit the youth of Glendora by providing scholarships for excellence in sports, music, and academics.

Wine Walk Stations
(Tickets Available for Purchase in Stores by Cash or Check)

Andrews Inc. (111 N. Glendora Ave.)
Blue Chair Bookstore (177 N. Glendora Ave.)
Coldwell Banker Millennium (134 N. Glendora Ave.)
Da Avere (180 N. Glendora Ave. STE 103)
Drive Green CA (146 N. Glendora Ave. STE 104)
Fiorina (216 N. Glendora Ave. STE 100)
Generation Mortgage (146 N. Glendora Ave. STE 105)
Glendora Interiors (118 N. Glendora Ave.)
Gold’n Time (103 W. Foothill Blvd.)
Huntington Escrow (200 N. Glendora Ave. STE D)
Martha’s Candies (133 1/2 Glendora Ave.)
Martindale Executive Commercial (216 N. Glendora Ave.)
Name Droppers (139 N. Glendora Ave.)
Neufeld’s Jewelry (124 W. Glendora Ave.)
NVME Fashions (146 N. Glendora Ave. STE 102)
Perfect Tyme (100 N. Glendora Ave.)
Peaches and Cream (138 N. Glendora Ave.)
Southland Properties (211 N. Glendora Ave.)
Spinning Wheel (149 N. Glendora Ave.)
Strings Music (146 N. Glendora Ave. STE 101)
Undercovers (207 N. Glendora Ave.)
Village Book Shop (123 N. Glendora Ave.)
Village Bridal (133 W. Glendora Ave.)
Village Goldsmith (158 N. Glendora Ave. STE B)
Village Kitchen Shoppe (147 N. Glendora Ave.)
Village Manor (130 N. Glendora Ave.)


13 Comments For This Post

  1. Jolie Says:

    What wines are featured or being poured at the stations?

  2. James Says:

    I do not know but I will try and find out for you and post the information.

  3. Jolie Says:

    Thanks. I understand at the Covina wine walk they featured the wines of the infamous Fred Franzia (the honcho over Charles Shaw, Fat Cat, etc.). I’m hopeful the selections will be a bit more, let’s just say, agreeable to my palate!

  4. Carol Says:

    Please list wines that will be served as this will help in my decision to pass this information to my friends & family

  5. ann-marie Says:

    Great idea. It’s one of the largest crowds that Claremont hosts and businesses who host are always remembered.:)

  6. annette nemeth Says:

    How can other merchants advertise on this page? Like Marty’s cigar and the construction company.

  7. Brian Says:

    Can we get tickets the night of the event? If so, where?

  8. Jolie Says:

    James, do you have that information yet??

  9. Jolie Says:

    It’s unfortunate we received no response to our inquiries posted here…

  10. admin Says:


    I just got the wine list from them and I will be posting it shortly. Sorry for the delay.

  11. Ken Says:

    Is there food (appetizers or whatever) included in the Wine Walk? I don’t see any info on that. That’s potentially a lot of wine without any food if not.

  12. admin Says:

    Ken, Yes there will be appetizers served. When you check in you will be given a map listing out all food locations.

  13. Gloria Says:

    The Wine Walk appeared to be very successful. Everyone I talked to
    seemed to enjoy.

    Wondering how much money was made, and how much (in dollars & cents) went to the Bryan Clay Foundation?


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