Kara’s Korner Deli

Not only were Glendorans happy that Kara’s Korner Deli (101 N. Glendora Ave., 626-914-7447) opened in the Village, pretty much the whole east San Gabriel Valley welcomed the return of Robert and Kara Larsen, former owners of the beloved Danny’s Kosher Pickle in Covina. The Larsens sold the restaurant in 2005 after 20 years in business to move to Wisconsin to raise their children.

But “five years was enough of a vacation,” Larsen explained, “and we decided that we did it once, we’d give it another shot. Downtown Glendora is such a cute place, so we’re baaaack!”

Many menu favorites are back, too, including matzoh ball soup and homemade-from-scratch corned beef (much in demand on St. Patrick’s Day). Also, look for kreplach and potato latkes and sandwiches named after local cities including The Glendoran.

Most important, Larsen said, is customer service he and Kara provided at their Covina restaurant that went beyond remembering what regulars habitually ordered. Not only did Kara make sure they got what they wanted, if a customer didn’t show up like usual, she’d found out why. If they were in the hospital, she’d drop by with their menu favorites.